Available two ways.


Multiple jobs, profile searching, general applications, and recruitment marketing from A-Z.

Starting at 180 BHD per year

Pay Per

Full time, part-time, internships, or project based opportunity campaigns whenever you need them.

37 BHD per post


180 BHD annually


450 BHD annually



  • Job Posts

    Full-time, Part-time, Internships, and Project based opportunities
  • Profile Search

    Search and connect with job seekers on Majra
  • Photoshoot & makeover

    Our photographer captures life at your company for your Majra profile
  • Proactive Applications

    You receive interest applications from proactive jobseekers
  • Recruitment Marketing

    360 marketing planning and execution for larger hiring needs
  • Talent Assistant Arm

    We filter applicants and provide JD templates and nominations
  • 5 Posts

    per year
  • 2 Search Unlocks

    per month
  • Available

  • Available

  • Limited

  • Limited

  • Unlimited

  • 6 Search Unlocks

    per month
  • Available

  • Available

  • Available

  • Limited

  • Unlimited

  • Custom

  • Available

  • Available

  • Available

  • Available

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer discounts?

We offer discount codes for referrals, and free access to NGOs and charities to use Majra. If you have any questions on redeeming any discounts, reach out to us at hello@majra.me

Do you offer trials?

Yes, but only in rare cases. Requests for trials are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Instead, we offer interactive demos to give you a taste of the platform before purchasing an annual subscription. Contact our sales team to request a trial or demo.

What if my hiring needs don't fit in with the existing subscription packages?

No Problem! Just get in touch with our team and we can customize a plan that works for you.

Can I upgrade from one package to another?

Absolutely! Contact us to learn more about package upgrades.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept online payments and transfers, and can accommodate cheques for larger amounts. You'll be able to coordinate this with your account manager.

What if we have more questions?

We’d be more than happy to answer them.